GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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There’s only one question on our minds: Is it spring break yet? Okay, okay, maybe you’re already on spring break, or you’ve already had spring break, and you’re not dying for that glorious week of freedom. If so, shh. Just, shhhhh. For the rest of you, check out these GIFs:

Sometimes, you can’t avoid Instagrammed pics of people in sunny locales, or FB statuses from people already spring-breaking it. When you’re not there, it sucks! Ariana Grande knows how easy it is to fall into that pit of jealousy.


Maybe when speaking to other people, you’re like…


But inside, the thought of spring break makes you want to break out old Avril Lavigne songs.


And tears. So many tears.


Because in the meantime, there’s nothing you can do. You have to, like, listen to people talk about things you don’t care about. Even Voldemort’s a bore.


Despair. So much despair.


Just get ready. Once spring break hits, you’ll be as cheery Miley Cyrus — at least internally.
We guarantee it.


Because even if you follow Ashley Benson‘s lead for all of spring break
(not gonna lie, watching TV and eating is half of what we do on vacation)…


…it can fill you with this much joy. One Direction-level joy. Get pumped!


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