GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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This week, we’re getting your attention. Or, well… these celebs are getting your attention. From funny dances to weird faces, just embrace the attention-seeking. That’s what GIFs are for, didn’t you know?

We all need a little bit of attention sometimes. James Franco included.

james franco look at me

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Taylor Swift‘s epic hair-flipping skills.

taylor swift epic hair flip

You wouldn’t want to meet Kristen Bell late at night in a dark, sketchy alley.

kristen bell funny muscles

Sorry, Justin Bieber. That is an epic photobomb.

justin bieber photobomb

Excited? Joe Jonas is. Like, really.

joe jonas brothers excited

Rihanna‘s happy dance is like our happy dance. But way more coordinated.

rihanna dance concert

Remember when boy bands used to have super-choreographed dances?
That was before One Direction. And Harry Styles.

harry styles one direction dancing

Sometimes, GIFs get overwhelming — just ask Shailene Woodley. But there’s usually another GIF right around the corner to make you feel better…

shailene woodley omg

Like, now. It’s time for your obligatory cat GIF.
(We understand, animatronic stuffed animals can be really scary.)

cat scared funny

Celebrate Summer Movie Season — with GIFs!