GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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This week has been kinda a confessional one… at least, in musical form. You’ve got Nick Jonas revealing that he maybe, sort-of still loves Miley Cyrus. Then Taylor Swift — the queen of all “thinly, thinly veiled” music — dropped her new album, Red. So, yeah, we won’t blame you for being an emotional wreck this week. (Everyone else is.)

Life can get overwhelming.

You’ve got studying and school and midterms. Or at least pretending to look studious as you FB chat your friends. (Sarah Hyland‘s all up in her academic chic. Glasses = smart, duh!)

When, really, you’re internally laughing/crying over the amount of work you have to get done.

Chris Colfer normally really is as pale as a Hummel doll, but this is a whole new layer of dread.

And it’s, like, even someone as peppy as Taylor Swift knows
there are only a few things you really want/need in life.

Pssst, here’s a cat! (Make that three.)

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also found a GIF with three out of five members
of One Direction shirtless. You. Are. Welcome.

Oh yeah, raise the roof, Ariana Grande. We know you love it.

Bridget Mendler‘s pumped, too.

Even Nick Jonas can’t deny the awesome. No Miley, but three cats
and three One Direction boys? It’s a fair trade.

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