GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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No doubt, this has been a weird week. Justin Bieber abandoned his monkey, Jennifer Lawerence cut her hair, and we’re all going a little bit insane. (What else is new?) But if you think you’re gonna take a momentary break from the insanity, think again. This GIF post is chock-full of celebrities teaching us how to make weird faces. Necessary learning, folks.

Oh, Justin Bieber. We should have known that you didn’t like math.
(But, to be perfectly honest, we ask ourselves this very question sometime.)


There are other lessons that seem more relevant in the now. Like, how to look good even when you’re making a weird/funny/LOL-in-my-face face. Darren Criss, can you teach us? You still look schmexy, even with your… whatever going on.


Jennifer Lawrence, flawless as usual.


Proper Puppy Dog Face 101: Joe Jonas has mastered the art of the simultaneous lip quiver and “take me home, please!” eyes… Well, if you say so!


This is the perfect fake-sorry face. Nina Dobrev, if you were a cheerleader, would you let us sit at your lunch table? I guess we’ll let this face answer our question. Darn.


Dramatic squirrel, in human form. Just in case you were wondering.


This is called gettin’ sassy with Niall Horan. Also known as, the best.


Because sometimes a full-out guffaw feels a bit too mean, we probably need Hayley Williams to teach us a master class in subtle mockery. Here, the muted giggle.


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