GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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Your seasonal cheer might be winding down, but there’s at least one more holiday to fill up your winter break. Not only that, but this is your last weekly dose of GIFs before the year is 2013!  Obviously, the emotions are flowing pretty heavily… Let’s GIF-cope.

Next Tuesday is New Year’s Day. Didn’t you remember? *cough* Lucy Hale *cough*


It’s time to reflect on all the past mistakes you’ve made.


But more importantly, it’s time to get ready for a fresh start. Chloe Moretz understands the greatness, dude.


It’s time to move on! Especially from d-bags. Right, Taylor Swift?


So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk New Year’s Eve plans. While you might be on vacation, there’s a good chance you aren’t like Zayn Malik and surfing up a storm.


Now, society says you need to be at some Ke$ha-esque extravaganza.


And if you are, make sure to hit up Cher Lloyd. She has some extra swag.


But this year’s been a big one. So if you wanna ring out 2012 like this…


…we won’t judge you. For reals. Swear on Lady Gaga.


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