GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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With the recent People’s and Critics’ Choice Awards and the 2013 Golden Globes a few days ago, awards season has officially begun! In the next few months, we can expect to hear news about the Grammys, the Oscars, and every other excuse for celebs to get dressed up in pretty outfits and make speeches and receive glorified little trophies. Then we, the viewers, get taken through a whirlwind of — often GIF-ed! — emotions. (Umm, have you noticed all the Golden Globes GIFs on your Tumblr dashboard?) So the theme of this week is award shows, past and present, and all the associated FEELS.

The most awesome person in the history of the universe, Jennifer Lawrence, is pretty much half the reason that it’s fun to watch award shows now. Because she has moments like this, simultaneously so relatable and so adorable:


These moments make us go, “Aww.” Honestly, we feel like hugging the nearest adorable thing!
In Rihanna‘s case, Anne Hathaway.


But not every award show moment or win is tinted by our girl-crushing and awestruck wonder.


Usually, someone wears a questionable outfit. (Though they probably don’t have
Justin Bieber giving them all the judgement.)


Or a win completely comes out of left field.


That makes you wonder things. About the world.


Meanwhile, you know the celebrity losers are not above internally pulling their very own Emma Stone freakout faces, which is even more entertaining to think about about.


But the best part about awards season is that you don’t even have to leave your bed for all this televised drama! And also, blanket hugs. Miley Cyrus‘ got that right.


Plus, for a few hours, you can just be like this to everyday life:


Why J.Law Wins at Life… in GIF Form