GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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Valentine’s Day is one of those polarizing holidays that you either hate or love. But #realtalk, who can hate love? Tomorrow, you might overdose on milk chocolate or heart-shaped decorations or cheesy generic cards from the drugstore, but overdosing on L-O-V-E — in whatever capacity — just ain’t possible. Especially when you consider all the different types of love there are out there (in GIF form).

Romantic love gets all the attention, so we’ll keep this short. But AnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler‘s pool makeout in The Carrie Diaries WAS pretty epic.


The Kardashian family is totally cray, but the familial love between Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner is the real thing. (Though the dog looks a little deranged, so this GIF’s not all insanity-free. Phew.)


And, of course, you can’t forget the friend families you make yourself. Hollaback to Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus way back when on Hannah Montana!


Speaking of friendship, let’s talk about our Instagram and Twitpic love. Because this is actually what we’re like when taking selfies with our BFFs. Zendaya and Bella Thorne have got us pegged, right down to the facial expressions.


Then there’s the aww-inducing fan love. Harry Styles is a prime example, because One Direction wins at being GIF-ed in general. But seriously, how did this girl luck into that situation? So cute.


Go pets! Katy Perry knows that sometimes cats are better than people. You can dress them up in cute little outfits and they’ll still love you — as long as you feed them food. (So maybe not that different from humans?)


Love for food. Also a thing. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t need Valentine’s Day, she’s always expressing it.


You can’t forget pop culture love. Obviously, if we were babies when “Gangnam Style” came out, we’d be doing the same thing.


But speaking of unhealthy wonderful obsessions, there is GIF love. Think of this post as a great, big Internet hug! From us to you. Because we care.


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