GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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If you’ve hit the September lulls, we recommend some September LOLs to get you through the week. From corgis to Katy Perry, everyone’s making funny faces in this week’s GIF post. Try ’em out for yourself… well, if you don’t mind getting a lot of weird looks.

When corgis attack (it’s not really that scary).

What Britney Spears looks like when she’s going, “Oops!… I forgot what to say.”

What The X Factor costar Demi Lovato looks like when she’s pretending to be a Disney princess.

Now here, we have three prime examples of winks that are seductive, cute, and adorable. But the last one is pure Katy. (…and us.)  Like, exactly what we look like when we wink. “Got something in your eye?” Errr…

Alternatively: Be like Lady Gaga and avert the problem altogether
and cover your eye. WORKS TOO.

But hands down, the strangest GIF subject out of all of the members of One Direction is Harry Styles. (Seen here with Ed Sheeran, shaking their groove thang?)

If you’re wondering whether model Cara Delevingne is actually dating Harry, this GIF explains why they’d be perfect for each other (at least on the Internet). Think of all the bizarre GIF babies!

Oh, Blaine. Don’t get sassy. There could still be a 1D boy out there for you too.

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