GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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It’s National Smile Week, and our faces are stuck in a perpetual grin — especially after seeing Harry Styles twerk it out at the Teen Choice Awards. Who could be upset during such a nice summery week? These celebs agree, and they’re shining their best gorgeous smiles. These GIFs will probably make you grin too. Smiles are contagious!

Even if you’re stressed out/worried, turn that angst into a giggle.
You’ll feel much better. EXAMPLE: Jamie Campbell Bower.

jamie campbell bower

Sometimes, even doing a stage smile like Victoria Justice will get you pumped.
Drama kids, you get this.

victoria justice smile dance

Have you ever seen someone look as happy as Drake right here?
We’re crying from adorableness.

drake happy smile

Smile like you’re Lucy Hale in a photo shoot. It makes life 100% more cute.

lucy hale smile

Werk it, Cody Simpson!

cody simpson smile

You don’t need to save all your smiles for when you’re taking photos,
though it’s a great opportunity to grin. Eh, Demi Lovato?

demi lovato funny face

This is the grin you do when you’re eager to meet someone.
It’s nice to meet you too, Jessie J!

jessie j smile

This is the kind of smile you can only make while dancing like a maniac in a yellow tiger jumpsuit. Darren Criss, we love you.

darren criss teen choice

Hayley Williams has pure joy. (We bet she’d look like this if
she saw Darren Criss dancing at the Teen Choice Awards.)

hayley williams smile laughing

Harry Styles is such a cutie pie. Especially when he smiles like that.

harry styles smile

In the words/actions of Miley Cyrus, a smile is just a proud proclamation of your own fabulosity. Ain’t that cool?

miley smile fabulous

This GIF of Harry Styles Will Make Your Day