GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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We know, we know. In the last few days, you’ve probably been inundated with totally-amazeballs-but-a lot-of GIFs of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars: talking about food, giving sassy answers to the question “What are you wearing?” and falling gracefully on the stairs on the way up to claim her Best Actress win… Sick of J.Law yet? Pshh, NEVER. But today, we’re gonna let some other celebs bask in the spotlight. (Though we couldn’t entirely resist her GIF-able charms.)

Newsflash! Jennifer Lawrence is you.
Because this is the first thing out of our mouths whenever we go to a party too.


Like our feelings about Emma Stone, we’re totally girl obsessing crushing.
In case you hadn’t noticed, she gets our enthusiastic stamp of approval!


If we were Kristen Stewart, we’d be nervous confronting all that rad-ness. Daniel Radcliffe‘s only unphased because he’s Harry freakin’ Potter. (Though, let’s be real — in battle, Katniss would probably best HP. But if it’s any consolation, he could probably beat Bella!)


Speaking of other fake fights in our heads… Demi Lovato just released the audio for her latest track, “Heart Attack.” Guess who also has a song by that name? One Direction. Get your battle eyes on, Demi! JK. (P.S. Vote for the better tune here!)


Everyone’s favorite boy band released its latest music video, “One Way or Another,” just a week ago. Niall Horan doesn’t fly in it, but we can pretend.


We would love if this was actually a thing,
but maybe Niall’s cool (but fake) superhero moves wouldn’t impress Harry Styles.


“I want to kill all of you?” THIS IS HOW FEELINGS GET HURT.


Don’t worry, we know how to solve this problem. Kitty hugs for everyone!


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