GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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This is the first true week of summer, and a celebration is in order. Okay, so maybe you’re not celebrating the humidity, or insanely ridiculous temps, but there’s something special about starting a new season. This week, we’ve rounded up some Bella Thorne and puppies (together!), Conor Maynard showing off his dance skills, and, of course, Harry Styles being ridiculous — in GIFs, natch.

High-five, team. We made it this far.

demi lovato nylon cover shoot high five

Nobody needs to tell Taylor Swift to use her words. She emotes with every fiber of her being…including her hands.

taylor swift wow smile

Smooth dance moves? Conor Maynard’s got ’em.

conor maynard gif dancing funny lol

When Megan and Liz give their stamp of approval, it’s like getting three thumbs up.

megan and liz thumbs up

If One Direction never fails to make catchy music, Harry Styles never fails to make some kind of weird move that will be turned into a GIF.

harry styles one direction swinging shirt funny

We’re always waiting for something to give us a case of the LOLs.
We wish we knew what Nicki Minaj just saw.

nicki minaj funny laughing

Ed Sheeran even cackles adorably.

ed sheeran laughing cute

Really, a puppy is all that you need. Ever. The end, goodbye.

bella thorne dog cute adorable

Celebrate Summer Movie Season — with GIFs!