GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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As per usual, it’s been a long week — and the week’s not even over yet! Instead of playing the “Who has more work?” game that everyone always competes in (we’d win, obvi), let’s acknowledge via GIFs that we’re all stressed out and tired and ready for a long nap. Ah, Wednesdays!

Feeling pooped out?


Sometimes an over-dramatic flop on the couch is just what the doctor ordered.
Niall Horan, you take care of yourself, boo.


The thought of doing work makes us feel like this, internally.
Bella Thorne doesn’t want to do your English homework either.


We want to have it all together, but then it’s just like:


For instance, normally when someone tells us a rumor, we express a range of emotions. Check out Carly Rae Jepsen‘s horrified/shocked/intrigued face!


But when you’re dead tired, this is how you respond to everything, even juicy gossip:


Ugh, being tired is so… tiring. I guess it’s that time again. You know,
time for moping to be OVER. Demi Lovato believes in you!


Because it wouldn’t be the end of a GIFts For You post without a peppy mantra,
just repeat after Anna Kendrick


 Or, alternatively, stare at Dave Franco being adorable. Still feeling tired?


GIFs of Andrew & Emma Just Being Awesome