GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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How’s this for an exciting week? Haylor called it quits (supposedly), One Direction released “Kiss You” (finally), and #cut4bieber became a trending topic on Twitter (say wha-?!). Eh, we shoulda known the easygoing post-holiday jollies wouldn’t last for very long. And so life goes on — with GIFs

If you’re like Rachel Berry, this celebrity drama probably seems, like, so, stupid. Why not watch some actual dramas, you know?


But, hey, surprises are entertaining! Even when they don’t happen in our own lives. (Though we’re sure the Pretty Little Liars girls have already had enough surprises to last a lifetime.)


It’s a scary, scary world out there, and it’s easier to stumble into someone else’s problems. Maybe not healthy, but definitely easier. Just don’t try to push anyone, like young Carrie Bradshaw.


And yet, this involvement is still an emotional experience. Like, re: Haylor, do you side with Taylor Swift or Harry Styles? If you’re a Swiftie and a Directioner, must you choose your allegiance? #problems (Hollaback to Zac Efron, circa High School Musical. That Troy had ALL the feels even way back when.)


Too bad he didn’t have a golden retriever to comfort him — in GIF form or IRL.


But now, thanks to the wonders of 2013, we already have fifty bajillion “Kiss You” GIFs right at our fingertips, capturing everything from Louis Tomlinson‘s surfing shimmy…


…to Harry Styles going with the flow.


Take a break, take a feline GIF. How can you be too grumpy when you have a cat being grumpy for you?


So, in closing. GIF therapy is a thing, celebs are cray cray, everyone loves feline GIFs, and even Les Mis Anne Hathaway says…


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