GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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If you’re looking for someone to lecture you about your Internet habits, it’s not gonna be us. In case you haven’t gathered, we’re very pro-Internet, and this week, we want to honor one of our favorite platforms. So we present you: Tumblr, a love letter… in GIF form. (Also known as, haters gonna hate.)

Some people say they don’t understand Tumblr.
Hopefully Ariana Grande doesn’t fall into that camp, but you never know.


When people set up a Tumblr and ask questions like “What are these ‘feels’ I keep hearing about?” or “How do I hashtag?” there is only one response, as illustrated by Harry Styles:


Ross Lynch knows all too well that Tumblr boils down to this:


See! Feelings! Emily Osment is #overwhelmed.


Hayley Williams is #overjoyed. It’s important stuff.


So when people are like, “Why don’t you just pick up the phone and call someone to say how you feel?”…


…or go on about the downfall of society and the technological failure of our generation (even Louis Tomlinson‘s going insane with all that crazy talk!)…


…it’s easiest to whip out a Taylor Swift-ian, “I don’t know,” rather than engage.


Even if you really want to pull a move from the Katy Perry playbook and say this to the haters/complainers/not-cool-enough-to-get-its:


Inside, just be content that Tumblr is there, always, for you. Because it is!
(And sometimes Ed Sheeran isn’t available.)


Throwing it Back… GIF Style!