GIFts For You: Funny GIFs To Get You To The Weekend

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Didja know that tomorrow (September 13th) is Positive Thinking Day? Keep up the good vibes with these GIFs–and some “look on the bright side” thinking–all week. That’s our plan, at least! If you’re feeling the blues, Zayn Malik and Rihanna jammin’ at the VMAs, Emma Watson being adorable in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and other celebs working through their problems in GIF form is just what you need. Doctor’s orders.

Sometimes life gets you down.

First step, look that bad day in the face and go, “Nuh uh!” (Then go watch Austin Mahone‘s new video. That also helps.)

But if it’s not just the usual “I’m feeling blah” sad times, we’ve got you covered. Feeling bad about how you look? Let Zooey Deschanel tell you what’s what.

Someone called you a weirdo? Grab your bestie and go be weird together.

Can’t understand “Gangnam Style” because you don’t speak or read Korean? You can still LOL!

Don’t know an answer to a question in class?

Well, you can’t know everything.

And so, general life advice: work with the awesomeness you’ve got.

Because sometimes life makes no sense. (Like this GIF.)

So just werk it!

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