5 Awkward Celeb Moments That Are Bound to Happen

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Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Drake


From running into an ex at the movies to casually tripping down the stairs in front of your crush, awkward moments are a natural (and highly unfortunate) part of everyday life. Although we tend to forget that celebrites are in fact just like us, they, too, are bound to be faced with some awkward situations that we have the pleasure of watching from afar. So, in honor of the Awkward season 2 premiere tonight on MTV, we came up with five of the most potentially awkward celeb moments that we’re kinda hoping will happen in the near future. Sorry not sorry; awkward moments are hilar — when they’re not involving us, that is.

1. You Buy Tickets to the Wrong One Direction Concert.
Picture this. You’re in your seat waiting to see your fave Brits take the stage to dazzle you for two hours with their good looks and beautiful voices. But, the lack of posters and screaming girls is kind of strange, right? Oops. The ticket you bought was for the other 1D (you know the guys involved with the sue-fest?). #Awkward.

WENN/One Direction

2. John Mayer presents Taylor Swift an award at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
Seeing as John isn’t Tay’s biggest fan right now, we’re pretty sure this awkward moment would be the best/worst of the evening. Poor Taylor — she doesn’t have a very good award show track record, does she? Kanye, we’re talking to you.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer


3. Ariana Grande wins a Grammy for Demi Lovato’s version of “You’re My Only Shorty.”
Although Dem and Ari insist that there’s no animosity between the two of them after recording the same song with Iyaz, we’re pretty sure that if the wrong girl took home the award for the song, things will get a littttttle awkward.

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande


4. Russell Brand buys a ticket to see Ted, but accidentally goes into the Part of Me: 3D theater.
Katy revealed that she wasn’t holding back in her new 3D movie when it came to covering her divorce, so we’re pretty sure that Russell Brand will want to stay as far away from that theater as possible. This one would be a huge oops on his, or the movie theater’s part for sure. What we wouldn’t give to be a fly on that wall…

Russell Brand and Katy Perry


5. Chris Brown and Drake get punishment for their bar-fight incident — community service together!
Clearly Chris and Drake aren’t each other’s biggest fans, so nothing would be more uncomfortable than the two stars cleaning up bottles on the side of the road together as their punishment. We wonder if the guys would even speak? Maybe Drake would start a rap battle and Chris would dance back at him? No? Okay.

Chris Brown and Drake


Honorable Mention: Kristen Stewart makes out with herself at an award show…oh wait…
Oh Kris, we just can’t handle the awkward situations you get yourself into! First you drop your popcorn at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, and then you kiss yourself while accepting the award for Best Kiss at the 2012 show. Oh well, at least your super-hot boyfriend Robert Pattinson doesn’t seem to mind your, ahem, quirks. Neither do we though. You’re still cool.

2012 MTV Movie Awards


Which moment takes the cake for most awkward? What awkward celeb moments do you think are inevitable?

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