10 ’90s TV Show Titles with the Most Hilarious Foreign Translations

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When you think of the ’90s, a pretty defining feature of the decade HAS to be the TV shows. Just hearing the name or the theme song is enough to bring back a rush of nostalgia. But what if the way that you know your favorite throwback shows isn’t the way that everyone knows them? Come on, let us explain.

It turns out that, because of this fancy schmancy thing called “language variety,” lots of shows the world over are called entirely different things than they are here. We’re not sure if it’s because sometimes direct translation fails, or if it’s because it’s super weird to learn how other countries interpret our famous shows. All we know is that the outcome is funny a LOT of the time.

So, the next time that you think back on one of these ten shows from your childhood, delight in the fact that a kid across the globe has a similar nostalgia for a hilariously-translated title:

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