18 “13-Year-Olds Now Vs. Me When I Was 13” Memes That’ll Make You Cry LOLing

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Everyone goes through an awkward stage — even some of the hottest stars of today. But while young teenagers back in the day were fans of extreme photo editing, crimped hair, and layered polo shirts, today’s 13 year olds look SO much more mature than they actually are it seriously messes with some people.

So, whether you’re one of the folks who look back at their old middle-school pictures and literally cringe, or you’re thirteen rightthissecond and don’t understand how people grew up without Instagram aesthetics, you’ll actually die laughing at these memes:

1. All about those ~kewl editz~

2. #AestheticGoals

3. Those sunglasses, though!

4. Throwback to Myspace angles!

5. True friendship:

6. Remember living for serious photo editing?

7. Birthday parties sure aren’t the same…

8. Attractiveness runs in the family:


10. Who didn’t like horseback riding?!

11. Thanks, Skai Jackson!


13. Not even fair.

14. #SquadGoals

15. Like, what?

16. Trendy AF.

17. Much description. Many text.

18. Well, at least doing something with your hands hasn’t gone out of style!

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