18 Funny Tweets That’ll Make You Forget How Much You Hate School

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School is important. Anyone in your life who knows what’s best for you has probably said something along those lines to you, usually followed by a blithe reminder that “education is the key to success.” And, yeah, from a strictly objective and fact-based perspective, this is definitely true. You realize that education is important and vital for your future and that you have to do well there because you, like DJ Khaled (remember him?) would like to hold the key to success.

It’s just that sometimes, when you’re actually in school, it’s scarily easy to forget just how important it really is. Right? I mean, not, like, all the time — school can feel extremely meaningful when you’ve just aced a test that you thought you had failed or when your teacher accidentally drops a dry-erase marker and makes a really funny noise when they bend down to pick it up — just sometimes. Like when you definitely did not ace a test that you thought you did really well on. Or when you get a lunchtime detention for a dress code violation. Or when you have an eight-hour school day followed by cross country practice followed by math tutoring followed by four hours of homework that your teachers give out because the “real world is much harder.”

I’m sure you can relate. You know what the good news is, though? A lot of the abject misery you feel in school is also prime subject for jokes — the best jokes stem out of misery, after all. Check out these tweets about school that are so funny that, for the time being at least, they’ll make you forget how much you actually hate being there:

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