The Funniest (Slash Most Annoying) New YouTube Challenge: The Circus Afro Challenge!

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The award for this weekend’s box office superstar goes to Rock of Ages the group of talking animals in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” ! Congrats! And ever since we saw the movie’s previews, we couldn’t stop LOLing at Marty the zebra’s “Circus Afro” routine. So, when we discovered the Circus Afro Challenge (think along the lines of the Cinnamon Challenge), we of course went straight to YouTube to see real humans torturing challenging themselves to sit through 10 minutes of potentially the most annoying song on the planet. Don’t believe people would actually do that? See for yourself…

To set the stage, it’s basically required that you at least check out the video that everyone’s talking about. It’s funny the first time:
This girl has the right idea– do a dance, call a friend– anything to make the 10 minutes pass by a little bit faster.
These 5 friends are pretty convinced that this challenge can’t be that bad, right? Answer: it can. Notice how their reactions change from laughter to annoyance before your very eyes.
This girl sped up the actual song-watching portion of her vid (we all send our thanks), but unfortch, her viewing time was still the same. 99 percent sure we can see her brain melting.
Even eating a doughnut can’t help this girl make it through the challenge without going cray.
Ok, dude, even your perfect teeth and cute face can’t distract us from the fact that you’re miz while watching the vid…maybe.
Although this video isn’t technically a Circus Afro Challenge vid, we absolutely had to include it. To the person who decided to remix Justin Bieber’s “Baby” with “Circus Afro,” we give you some serious kudos. This is freakin’ amazing.
Think you can make it through the Circus Afro Challenge? Which video made you LOL/cringe the most? Oh, and did you see Madagascar 3?

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