Twitter Chatter: The Best Thanksgiving Tweets of the Week

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Clearly we weren’t the only ones this weekend shopping on Black Friday and eating ’till our pants don’t fit. From the looks of these celeb tweets from Thanksgiving weekend, the stars were, too! Isn’t it good to know the famous peeps are just like us?

From Lady Gaga‘s “little monster casserole” to what Justin Bieber bought on Black Friday, check out our fave of the celebs’ Thanksgiving-themed tweets!

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little monster casserole. brooklyn, bitch.

Hooray for mass texts on the holidays!! u know what else is cool? My spam folder

i wish i could feed the whole world my famous fabulous PHILLY SWEET POTATOES. Thanks Ms. Wanda!!! xoxoxo

We ate too much! RT @kendalljenner just ate so much food with my whole fam! that food was amazing! 😀 thanksgiving is the best!!

so today i’m celebrating thanksgiving by having 2 of my email accounts hacked by someone in russia… (Russia IP

Today I’m thankful for my flawless face, winning personality, & smokin’ hot body.

might have to hit up Walmart to grab #MYWORLDSACOUSTIC early in the morning. Almost there! #BlackFriday

Back in Texas and starving! Now to somehow find a chocolate mousse pie…

So full… Can’t move…