12 Acceptance Speeches That Will Make You Laugh-Cry

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The Oscars and Grammys are right around the corner and we can hardly breathe we're so darn excited. The best part of televised award shows (other than the dresses, obvi) are hands-down the acceptance speeches. Over the years these speeches have made our hearts cry beautiful tears of joy and hug our nearby celebrity face-pillows tight. We get to see actors, filmmakers and musicians live and candid,  surprised by their win and at their most vulnerable.  The words that come out of their mouth are often not only eloquent and inspiring, but incredibly humble and hilarious.

So sit back, laugh, and relish all the trips,"um"s, kisses,  tears, and quotable quotes as we countdown our favorite awards show acceptance speeches in GIFS.

12. Lena Dunham, Golden Globes, 2013


11. Adrien Brody, Oscars, 2003

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10. Taylor Swift, Grammys, 2012


9. Taylor Swift, MTV VMAS, 2013


8. Meryl Streep, Oscars, 2012


7. Tom Hiddleston and Joss Whedon, MTV Movie Awards, 2013


6. Jennifer Lawrence, Oscars, 2013

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5. Kristen Stewart, MTV Movie Awards, 2009


4. Jennifer Lawrence, People's Choice Awards, 2013


3. Jennifer Lawrence, Golden Globes, 2013


2. Robert Benigni, Oscars, 1999


1. Meritt Wever, Emmys, 2013

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