Survey Saturday: Tell Us About Your Dating Life!

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Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Celebrity Couples


We want to know about your dating life. Sorry if that seems a little nosy. Wait, no we’re not. We just wrote a whole entire survey about you, your dating life, your type of guy and whatever, and so we’re not sorry at all. We’re prying a little.

It’s like you’re a celeb and the press wants to know all about your personal life, ya know? Take it as compliment, and fill out this week’s Survey Saturday about dating (where we also threw in a few q’s about celeb couples). It’ll be way less painful than that awkward first date you had at the movie theater last week though. Promise.

So, what’d you answer to those q’s? Who’s your fave and least fave celeb couple? Spill it!

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