The Crazy Full House Theories You Need to Read Before You Watch Fuller House

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From 1987 to 1995, there were eight-season’s worth of family fun on television, courtesy of Full House; for 192 episodes, Danny, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Jesse, Joey and, eventually, Becky, lit up our small screens and filled our minds with lessons (albeit, not always great ones) about love, friendship & life. So we can only guess the amount of greatness in store for us once its spin-off, Fuller House, hits Netflix on Friday, February 26.

Until the time comes when you can binge-watch every new episode back-to-back for the entire weekend, get a load of all the crazy theories surrounding the OG series:

1. The entirety of the series takes place in purgatory. Somehow, most fan theories lead to death eventually; Full House is no different. In this particular case, one Reddit user suggests that Danny, DJ & Stephanie were killed in a car crash, not Danny’s wife & the girls’ mother, Pam. The house itself represents the afterlife.

“I believe the truth is that Pamela Tanner wasn’t the one who died in a car crash,” says the user.
“Danny, Stephanie and Donna Joe did and they ended up in a purgatory dimension. I suppose your asking, ‘Then why did Joey and Jesse come to live with them?’ Simple: Joey and Jesse died before the series started and they had yet to reach paradise.”

But what about Michelle? That’s addressed, too. “Well, there was no third Tanner child; Michelle is actually a Demon Entity that brought them all together… Have you noticed anytime someone is ready to leave the house, it’s Michelle who brings them back? Like when Jesse wanted to run off with his girlfriend it was Michelle who convinced him to stay because she was ‘sick.’ It’s because Michelle doesn’t want the family to leave the house and find paradise, not out of malice, but because she wants this family.”

2. Danny, you are NOT the father. Ever wonder how Danny, a man with brown hair and brown eyes, fathered three little girls with blonde hair & blue eyes? While it’s not an impossibility, the odds are inSANE, especially since the girls’ mother — who, yes, was blonde — is from a darker-featured Greek family. Just look at Uncle Jesse!

The odds are far more likely, though, when you swap out Danny for someone else who’s mighty close to the little ones: Danny’s best friend, the blond-haired Joey Gladstone. (And, when you think about it, the same thing could be said for Jesse’s light-haired, light-eyed children, too.)

3. All of the Steves on the show are time-travelers. When you think of Steve from Full House, we’re sure your mind automatically goes to DJ’s hunky boyfriend:

But he was far from the first Steve on the family show. The conglomeration of Steves also includes DJ’s cousin, played by her real-life brother, Kirk Cameron; DJ’s friend’s cousin, Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White; Uncle Jesse’s cousin, Stavros, played by John Stamos; and, of course, DJ’s sister, Stephanie (the female version of Steven). What’s the deal?

One Reddit user believes it’s all a conspiracy: Cousin Steve is really Alex Katsopolis (one of Jessie’s twins) from the future; DJ’s boyfriend is really Nicky Katsopolis (Jesse’s other twin) from the future; Jesse’s cousin is really Jesse from the future; Stephanie is most likely Pam Tanner (or, next most likely, Michelle Tanner) from the future; Steve Urkel is the inventor of time travel, hence, why everyone is referred to as Steve. Umm… K.

4. Does Jesse & Rebecca’s home even make sense? Over the years, you’ve come to appreciate the Katsopolis’ attic home above the Tanner residence:



But did you notice that, while Jesse & Becky’s ceiling appeared to be triangular, the frontview of the entire house was flat? One Reddit user expressed his confusion, leading the rest of the Internet to do the same.



Never fear, the gift of bird’s-eye view is here! And the mystery has been solved:



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