This “F*ck Kavanaugh” Lipstick is Exactly the Kind of ~Shade~ We Live For

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For many most women in the United States, watching Judge Brett Kavanaugh try to defend his honor at the hearing that took place last week was nothing short of infuriating. Statistics show that one in three women and one in six men have experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime, so for several members of our senate (and our country) not to recognize Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her heroism was simply heartbreaking.

Since the hearing, many people have come together to show their support for, not only Dr. Ford, but for sexual assault victims all over the country, and now beauty brands are even getting in on the fun!

That’s right, fam! Lipslut Cosmetics just announced their “F*ck Kavanaugh” lipstick and it’s the shadiest shade of makeup we’ve EVER seen. Take a look:

Ready for the best part? This week, 100% of this deep red shade of vegan and cruelty-free lipstick will be donated to anti-sexual assault organizations. Therefore, by purchasing and wearing this amazing new product, you’re letting Dr. Ford and all other survivors know that you stand firmly with them. And LBR, what more could you ask for in a lipstick?!

We know you’re probably dying to get your hands on this new product, but there are a few things you should know first. Like, for example, each lipstick will cost you $19.95, which may seem expensive, but remember: if you order this week from Lipslut’s website it will all be donated! Just be patient, though, as it will take 6-8 weeks for the company to ship ’em out. Well, what are you waiting for? Go order your very own “F*ck Kavanaugh” lipstick! It’s time to smash the patriarchy, y’all!