Fruit Nails (Yes, Fruit Nails) are the Hottest Trend of Summer 2018

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Let’s be real… nothing screams summer like fresh fruit, and although we simply can’t resist a refreshing slice of watermelon on an overbearingly hot day, equally as satisfying is looking down at our nails and seeing a trendy fruit-inspired manicure. What… what?!

That’s right, you guys! This summer, one of the hottest beauty trends we’ve seen so far has definitely been fruit nails. Every few minutes, someone else is uploading a photo of their own fruit-nail design on Instagram, and, NGL, it’s given us so much inspiration for our own mani/pedis!

Whether you like watermelons, bananas, or even kiwis, there’s a manicure on Instagram right now with your name on it. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to see some of our faves. Not only are the designs beautiful, but they’re making us kind of hungry, too!