5 Frozen Movie Theories You Need to Know Right Now

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True or ridiculous, fan theories are highly entertaining. Whether they’re about the oldest stories of all time, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or the biggest franchises ever, like Harry Potter, they’re completely interesting to everyone who reads ’em.

So, isn’t it about time that we delve into the realm of Disney’s 2013 hit animated film, Frozen? ’cause it seems like, even after a year, no one’s willing to ‘let it go.’

1. The story is based off a New Jersey woman’s life. According to Peruvian writer Isabella Tanikumi, the record-breaking Disney movie is a rip-off of her memoirs, Living My Truth and Yearning of the Heart — NOT the 1844 Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen — so she’s seeking $250 million!!!

2. It’s connected to other Disney faves. We’re sure you’ve heard this before (via our theories about The Little Mermaid, perhaps?), but here’s the theory in a nutshell: Three years ago, the parents of Frozen‘s Elsa & Anna planned to sail off to Tangled‘s Flynn & Rapunzel’s wedding, but died at sea. The ship on which they sailed away is suspected to be the one that Ariel explored in The Little Mermaid.

3. The magical elements of the film are a metaphor for puberty.Frozen uses the idea of magic powers as a metaphor for coming of age, a time when feelings are raw, unpredictable, terrifying, and new. Elsa is the older sister, and Anna doesn’t share her powers, so the younger is alienated and left out in the cold, so to speak.”—ScreenCrush

4. It’s racist.Frozen‘s Whitewashing Controversy is an ongoing online debate surrounding the lack of people of color in Disney’s 2013 animated feature film Frozen. This debate has come to include accusations against Disney of ‘whitewashing’ the Sámi, the indigenous people of Scandinavia.” Click here to learn more.

Tumblr (frozenmemes)

Tumblr (frozenmemes)

5. Elsa is homosexual. Some believe that the Queen may be a lesbian because “It isn’t like she has a girlfriend — or any romance at all — but the idea that she was born different (it’s explicitly specified that she was born this way, not cursed) and that her difference makes her not a ‘good girl’ (a phrase repeated) lends itself to that interpretation. If we read Elsa as gay, Anna’s quest to show her that she is loved and accepted becomes all the more profound.”

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