From Our BFFS: What Kind of Trouble Is Demi Lovato In Now?

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Uh oh! Demi Lovato got into a little fender bender. But don’t worry, guys, she’s totally gonna be ok. [Just Jared Jr.]

No shocker here, Lady Gaga has been named Forbes’ Most Powerful Celeb. She even beat out Oprah and Justin Bieber! [Twist]

And believe it or not, Lady Gaga wasn’t always so powerful. She insists she was bullied as a teen. Ok, Gaga, whatever you say. [Hollywire]

SNL just got seriously cooler — Lady Gaga is the musical guest and Justin Timberlake is hosting the season finale! Guess we know what we’re doing on Saturday night. [ELLEgirl]

Eeks. The Kardashians and the cast of Jersey Shore have made it onto a list of the 7 Most Talentless Celebs! Too harsh? Or totally true? [Posh 24]

And it doesn’t look like the Jersey Shore kids are doing too well out in Italy, either. They’ve angered their neighbors at least five times already — this week! [Wetpaint]

We knew Jordan Witzigreuter from The Ready Set was cute but in the bloopers from these “setisodes?” Cutest ever.  [JSYK]

Shay Mitchell is joining the Somaly Mam Foundation to fight against slavery. Yeah, guys, slavery is (unfortunately) still happening. [Seventeen]

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