8 Freshman Year of High School Expectations and What Actually Happens

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Whether you just started freshman year of high school or you’re still counting down the days, you know moving up from middle school is a huge deal! Or, at least you think it is…

Based on what you see in movies and on TV, it’s easy to expect a lot from your freshman year, but in reality not much changes as you make the switch. For example…
1. Expectation: You’ll talk to all your BFFs from middle school every day.

Reality: You only have time to catch up once a week.

2. Expectation: The cafeteria is just like what you see in the movies — every clique at a different table.

Reality: It’s all a big miss-mosh of people.

3. Expectation: The cheerleaders rule the school.



Reality: They’re actually normal people like everyone else.

4. Expectation: You’ll never wear the same outfit more than once.

Reality: LOL!

5. Expectation: High school boys are so much more mature than middle school boys.

Reality: They’re actually more immature than you ever thought possible.



6. Expectation: You’ll have a boyfriend by the end of September.

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Reality: You’re not even remotely interested in any of the guys in your grade…or the school.

7. Expectation: Your parents will give you more freedom.

Reality: You get a curfew.

8. Expectation: Your locker be adorably decorated.

Reality: You’re lucky if you put a few stickers inside.

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