11 Dutch Braid Pigtail Hacks That Will Basically Make You a Kardashian Sister

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Instagram (@kimkardashian)

Instagram (@kimkardashian)

If you follow any of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters on Instagram, you’ve noticed that they’ve recently become ob-sessed with one hairstyle — dutch braid pigtails. And while many people might’ve been a bit wary of the childhood-inspired ‘do at first, both celebrities and regular humans have jumped on board. Basically, the K-Klan is responsible for yet another super trend.

To learn how you can be ~kewl~ just like Kylie, Kim, Khloe, etc., check out the hacks below!

1. A dutch braid (sometimes known as a boxed braid) is basically just an inverted French braid. Here’s how you do it:

2. If you’re not a big fan of pigtails, you can always combine your braids at the nape of your next to achieve this really cool look:

3. And here are some more options for you!

4. Leaving a section of hair unbraided makes a super cool look, too!

5. Still not super comfortable with your braiding technique? Try this pull-through “braid” look for the illusion without all the hassle.



6. Dress up a normal dutch braid by wrapping the ends to make a pretty bun.

7. We told you toothbrushes can be used for more than just clean teeth!! Here’s how you can hide your baby hairs:

8. Neat braids are greats, but so are messy, effortless ones! Pull apart each loop to create volume and texture.

9. French braid the top of your hair, but fishtail the bottom to create a super unique look.

10. And here’s another example, but this time with the pull-apart trick thrown in, too.

11. Starting with slightly wavy hair automatically makes your entire hairstyle look a little more chic.

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