8 Freeform Series with Main Characters Who Are Total Jerks… But No One Cares

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Freeform is the king of creating shows that have the most likeable characters… even if they do the worst of things sometimes. Admit it, you loved to root for Ricky to get Amy in the end on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, even though he basically proved that he was the worst father ever on every single occasion. He got better eventually, and like many Freeform shows, the audience kind of looked the other way to enjoy their favorite television series.

We don’t blame you! We’ve done it, too. Sometimes you must ignore the hard truths that some of the best characters on these shows were less than perfect. When things are broken down, it’s kind of hysterical how many characters were horrible. Like, epic jerks. We loved to love them, even though we should have hated them. Sometimes the TV-loving heart wants what it wants. Here are eight Freeform TV show with main characters who are/were jerks, but no one cares: