7 Spin-Off Freeform Projects That Were Inspired by a Successful TV Show

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Even though the Freeform network has a history of canceling some of its shows after the first season, other shows have made such an impact on audiences that the network felt compelled to create a spin-off series based on the original! Although we see spin-offs being made on a variety of different TV networks, we think Pretty Little Liars fans would agree that creating spin-offs based on the network’s most successful original series are kinda what Freeform does best.

If you’re anything like us and you’re barely surviving without your old Freeform faves, consider this a reminder that the network has actually created some pretty epic (and not so epic) series to keep the OG fans invested in their all-time favorite shows. Wondering which series were granted their own spin-offs? Check out these side projects, which were all inspired by hit shows on Freeform: