90210 Newbie Freddie Smith on Kissing Trevor Donovan and Who He’d Rather Make Out With (Exclusive)

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There’s a newbie at West Beverly High and let’s just say that Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is a very lucky guy. His name is Freddie Smith, and he’s playing Marco, Teddy’s new boytoy on 90210. And after talking to Freddie about the usual stuff, like on-screen kissing scenes, playing a gay character on TV and getting hazed by the cast of 90210 (or, uh, not), we realized that Freddie is very straight in real life, ladies. Like, very straight.

How do we know? Oh, ya know, Freddie just told us which 90210 girl he’s really “attracted” to and what character traits he finds really sexy in girls. Read more of our exclusive Q&A for the full scoop!

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Teen.com: Your character, Marco, is described as “hot and super athletic.” Do you feel pressure to live up to that description?
Freddie Smith: No, it’s a compliment. I felt honored to be put in that category. The hot and super athletic person…it’s very cool.

Teen.com: Were you an athlete in high school?
Freddie Smith: Yeah. I played basketball and baseball and now I just pretty much play some games of basketball and some games of football.

Teen.com: Did you consider yourself a jock back then?
Freddie Smith: I wasn’t exactly a jock, even though I did play the sports. I did not do the whole letterman jacket and all that kinda deal. I just kinda played the sports for fun.

Teen.com: What group did you fall into in high school?
Freddie Smith: I would say I was in a popular group, but our school (in Ashview, Ohio) was so small that it was like everyone was popular so it really wasn’t that kind of jocks.

Teen.com: Let’s talk 90210. Did the cast haze you when you got to set?
Freddie Smith: No hazing. It was funny though because Gillian (Zinser) was the first person to the table when I met everybody and she actually spilled a salad on me all over my jacket and everyone was just laughing like, “Oh the hazing begins, you’re the new guy”, and I was like, “Thanks for the warm welcome, guys.” I was seriously so nervous but then everyone was like, “Hey, what’s going on? Take a seat, can I get you a water. Welcome aboard”. It was awesome.

Teen.com: If you could date any of the 90210 girls in real life…
Freddie Smith: That’s a tough one. You know who’s very, very beautiful and I’m really attracted to, super nice…is AnnaLynne (McCord). She’s a great person.

Teen.com: Marco is very forward with Teddy. Are you forward when it comes to dating?
Freddie Smith: Yeah. I’m pretty forward about it. I like to be very upfront and I think girls like confidence and that’s one thing that I always like to do. Be confident, make the first move and see where it goes.

Teen.com: Do you like it when girls make the first move?
Freddie Smith: That’s one of my biggest things. If a girl is confident it’s very sexy to me. If they make the first move I like that.

Teen.com: We guess Teddy liked it too! Do you think Marco will be a strong gay character like Teddy is on 90210 and Kurt is on Glee?
Freddie Smith: That was one of the reasons I wanted to take this part. I wanted it so bad because it gave me the opportunity to make a stand and talk about this and I have a lot of gay friends and I hear their stories and I see what’s going on in society. This is a platform for me to be able to stand up and make a difference so I feel very honored to do this. It can mean big things, so I’m really excited.

Teen.com: We all know Trevor Donovan, who plays Teddy, is super hot, but does he work out as hard as it looks like he does?
Freddie Smith: Oh yeah. You never see him without a jug of water and he’s always picking at his fruit and I’m the one eating the cookies. I need to start paying attention and eating more fruit and veggies. But you know, we talk fitness every now and again because he’s got amazing build and he’s very athletic so I’m learning.

Teen.com: Any kissing scenes between you two?
Freddie Smith: Yes. Although I won’t get too into it (laughs). It was kind of just like another thing. Another scene [to film]. We just went and did it and then moved on.

Teen.com: What can you tell us about Teddy and Marco’s relationship?
Freddie Smith: It’s definitely a good relationship once the audience gets to know Marco. I was really excited to find out who he is and what he’s about and I think Marco and Teddy are just going to be a great couple. They have a lot in common and I think it’s going to bring the best of the characters out.

What do you think of Teddy/Marco’s relationship? Do you want to see them date, or do you prefer Teddy with Ian? Tell us in the comments!