Ariana Grande’s Brother & Ex Jai Brooks Feud After Nariana Announcement

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Twitter (@FrankieJGrande)What should be a loving and happy time for Ariana Grande — what with her budding relationship with Nathan Sykes and all — is turning into an all-out feud between Ari's family and ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks'.

First, Jai's twin, Luke Brooks, took to Twitter to publicly call out his distaste for Nariana, especially his brother's former flame. (Did you see what he called her?!) Now, the 20-year-old Sam & Cat star's family is taking the matter into its own hands…

In a series of tweets on September 26, her brother, Frankie Grande, tries to set the record straight when it comes to the original Jariana break-up:

But then, Jai finally speaks up, "@FrankieJGrande don't u dare f***ing talk about me when u don't know s***. I havnt said anything, why do u feel the need to?… When someone says s*** to try and make me look bad, I am 100% going to stick up for myself. I don't care what anyone else says."

Wow. Just… wow. What do you think of the new couple? Are you Team Ariana or Team Jai? Share your honest opinions in the comments below!

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