Francia Raisa to American Cheerleader: “I Don’t Think a Guy’s Ever Asked Me Out on a Date”

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American Cheerleader

When we first saw Francia Raisa as Adrian on Secret Life of the American Teenager, we totally hated her. She was that mean girl who was way too into boys for her own good. But while we may feel some dislike for Adrian, we totally heart Francia, this month’s American Cheerleader cover girl. And she’s spilling on all the really juicy stuff, from boys to Badrian on Secret Life to total heartbreak.

Click on to catch some of Francia’s interview with AC!

On finding out about Badrian: “When [creator] Brenda [Hampton] told me and I was like, ‘Wait, what? Really? Really?’ I was surprised and it took some time getting used to, but I really like where they’re going with the storyline now.”

On her first real date: “Still waiting. My friend went on a date the other day and I was saying, ‘I don’t think a guy’s ever asked me out on a date.’ A guy hasn’t picked me up and made plans to take me out. If I date a guy, we just hang out either at my place or his. But an actual date where I get ready? I’ve never had that.”

On the first time she fell in love: “Oh, you mean the first time I thought I fell in love? Oh, God. Ugh. In high school I thought I was in love with this one guy who broke my heart really bad. I just remember crying a lot, because he didn’t really love me. He told me he did, but he’d never make me his girlfriend but I was always someone he was seeing. And then the next thing I knew, he’d have another girlfriend and I was like, ‘Wait!’ And then I’d have to wait for them to break up…”

American Cheerleader‘s July 2011 issue is on newsstands today! Will you be picking up a copy? What do you think of Francia having never been on a real date? Have you been asked on a date yet? Sound off in the comments!