6 Pairs of Fox Teen TV Show Stars That Used to Be Roommates in Real Life

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We love ourselves a good pair of celebrity roommates — lately, we’ve been kinda obsessing over them. The Disney Channel stars who used to live together, the CW actresses and actors who bunked up once upon a time… Like, can you imagine how cool it was when Supernatural hotties Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles used to live together? We would’ve legit KILLED to be a fly on a wall during that period.

So, this week, we looked into personal lives of the stars of Fox teen television series. And, let us tell you, there are far more pairs of talents from the network that lived together IRL than you thought. We’re sure you knew all about Lea Michele & Dianna Agron, but can you say you knew all of these prior? We don’t think so. (NOTE: The following list is all of platonic duos, so if you’re looking for celebrity couples that lived together, you’re in the wrong place.)