What TFiOS & Your Other Favorites Would Look Like… in Text Messages

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This Valentine’s Day, curl up with bae some of your favorite romantic movies. ’cause nothing says love like a little dose of The Fault in Our Stars — be still, our Augustus Waters-loving hearts — and Romeo + Juliet, right?

For the upcoming lovey-dovey holiday, we’re teaming up with Twentieth Century Fox to premiere videos from some of your all-time fave rom-coms/love stories; except, rather than replay specific scenes as you’ve already seen them, these are in the vein of how the conversations from the flicks would look… if they played out over text in the modern world!

Each of the videos shows a section of dialogue from the films, as if played out in a modern-day text conversation. The overall message of the videos is: This Valentine’s Day, spring into love and celebrate with sexy, romantic and fun movies with your special someone.

The Fault in Our Stars — Okay? Okay.

27 DressesJames Marsden. ’nuff said.

Romeo + JulietO Romeo, Romeo

Garden State — <33

This Means War — YAAASSSS.

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