13 Former TV Couples That Prove You Can Still Be Friends with Your Ex

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TV shows have given us some of the absolute WORST couples. Seriously, some of these pairs were straight up dysfunctional, while others didn’t make any sense AT ALL. The characters obviously weren’t compatible, and some seemed like a good fit… until you realized that the relationship was actually illegal to start with. (We’re looking at you, Aria and Ezra.)

And let’s not forget the couples that were really great together, but the show creators decided to toy with your feelings and break these OTPs up. Like, we still think that Scott and Allison should have ended up together on Teen Wolf. (No offense to Kira or Isaac, though.) Even though some favorite TV pairs split up, they still remained friends on their respective shows. From Stefan and Elena on The Vampire Diaries to Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl, click through the gallery below to see television twosomes that prove you actually CAN still be friends with your former flame:

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