6 Former Nickelodeon Stars Who Released Dirty Pop Songs

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Let’s face it: Getting out of the “child star” phase can be tough. After spending years on kid-friendly shows, it’s just not easy to become the grown and sexy icon without being constantly reminded of how cute and adorable they used to be.

However, several stars have proved that, while it’s hard, it’s definitely not impossible. We’re already familiar with Disney Channel favorites who successfully turned into music icons, including Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. But it looks like former Nickelodeon stars are starting to follow in their footsteps, too. Talents such as Ariana Grande and Keke Palmer are proving that they’ve already outgrown their Nickelodeon days, and they’re singing a few naughty songs to prove it as well. Check out these seven songs by former Nick stars that are definitely dirty: