8 Former Disney Channel Stars Who Talked Major S*** About the Network

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We’re pretty sure that you’ve, at some point, dreamed of snagging the much-coveted spot of Disney Channel darling. Everyone has because, basically, it’s the sweetest gig out there. We don’t know from firsthand experience, of course. We’ve never had the distinct pleasure of drawing Mickey Mouse’s head with a glow stick and letting you know that you are, indeed, still watching Disney Channel during commercial breaks. (Or, at least, not on TV. We’ve done it plenty of times in front of our bedroom mirrors, where no one was around to bear witness.)

But, apparently, it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. That’s right, the millions of 9-year-olds with toothy grins and pushy parents are shelling out big bucks for headshots in the hopes of possibly pleasing some Disney exec for nothing. And you’ve spent valuable time practicing your signature for when you were to inevitably become the Disney Channel child star you were destined to be. Because, according to these eight actual former Disney Channel stars, who went on to slam the network, you want to be doing absolutely anything else with your time: