7 Former Disney Channel Stars Who Failed Hard on Stage

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For celebrities, performing live can be tons of fun. They’re surrounded by supportive fans and they get to interact with them on a more personal level, which literally sounds like a dream come true. But at the same time, there are also downsides, because a lot of things could go wrong. From lip-syncing and forgetting the lyrics to having major sound issues or wardrobe malfunctions, the truth is, it’s really tough to do a flawless act.

One look at all the concert videos on YouTube will tell you that even the best performers, including Disney Channel stars, can mess up sometimes. Want proof? Well, just a few days ago, Nick Jonas royally screwed up his guitar solo while performing with Kelsea Ballerini at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards. Yikes! But on the bright side, he took it in stride and laughed it off along with his fans. He tweeted, “Just landed in London to all these videos from Sunday nights performance… So funny. Yes. I screwed up in the solo thanks to a huge brain fart.”

Well, it happens to the best of us. And after all, these stars are only human, just like us! See which other Disney Channel stars had major screw-ups while performing on stage:

1. Nick Jonas — As we mentioned, at this year’s CMAs, Nick completely messed up his guitar solo when he performed with Kelsea Ballerini. It was actually quite painful to watch him struggle, but at the same time, it was pretty funny. He even joked about it on Twitter and blamed his mistake on a “huge brain fart.” But that’s not the the only time that Nick has messed up on stage. Back in 2009, when the Jonas Brothers performed at the Grammys with Stevie Wonder, Nick forgot the words to “Superstitious.” Talk about awkward.

2. Joe Jonas — When the Jonas Brothers performed “Hold On” at Radio City Music Hall in 2012, Joe blanked out on the words and had to mumble through a part of the song. To fill the awkward pause, he encouraged the crowd to sing along with him until he remembered the lyrics, saying, “I got it now!”

3. Selena Gomez — Remember the infamous F-word incident? When Selena performed at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball event in 2013, she started to experience a ton of technical difficulties. At first, she opened with her songs, “Birthday” and “Undercover,” but when it came time to actually greet the crowd, there were audio malfunctions that caused her mic to stop working at some point. Before she could get to her next song, “Come and Get It,” she apologized to the fans and claimed the sound wasn’t working. She even promised to sing them two more songs, but, unfortunately, she could barely get through “Come and Get It.” It became obvious that she wasn’t actually singing live.

4. Miley Cyrus — Way before Miley became famous for twerking and showing off her tongue, she performed her song, “Fly On The Wall,” live on  Ant and Dec’s Takeaway. However, just a minute into the song, she completely forgot the lyrics and had an awkward pause, as you can see in the video here:

5. Demi Lovato — In the past, Demi has messed up her lyrics quite a few times (we can’t forget about the famous mixup that happened when she sang “Heart Attack” on Good Morning America). But the one that probably stuck out the most was when she ironically forgot the words to “Don’t Forget” in 2009, while performing in Dallas. During her pauses, some fans started to think that she was actually getting emotional, but she bounced back when the crowd began to sing along with her.

6. Lindsay Lohan — When Lindsay started performing her hit song, “Rumors,” on Good Morning America, all seemed to be going well. But there was just one problem: Toward the end, she was actually caught lip-syncing. She stopped mouthing the words to take a pause while her backup track continued to play her singing, “I just need to free my mind.” This earned her a few awkward glances from young fans in the crowd, but she just smiled nervously and continued as if nothing happened.

7. Ashley Tisdale — Ashley sang (well, lip-synced) the holiday classic “Last Christmas” during her live performance at Rockefeller Center in 2007. The performance sounded exactly like the recorded version, and towards the end, you could hear her croon the last “la la la” when her mic was finally turned back on.

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