10 Former Celebrity Couples That Wrote Songs About Their Breakup

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What happens when two amazingly talented artists split up? We get awesome breakup songs about their relationships. The best breakup song says exactly what you’re feeling but never found the right words to say. When you sing it in the car at the top of your lungs, its meaning seems so poignant that you swear it was written just for you — but it wasn’t actually written for you.

Of course, if you’re a celeb dating a fellow artist, that breakup jam might very well be your own. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Adele and Sam Smith have made careers singing about heartbreak, but sometimes the dumpee (or the dumper, depending) fires back with a song of their very own.

There’s no better way to air your old relationship’s dirty laundry than with a song. After all, a scathing breakup jam is way more interesting than reading about it in tabloids. These former celebrity couples wrote songs about their breakups — and if they were trying to be subtle, they didn’t do a very good job because we’ve totally figured them out.