6 Former Lovers Who Went on Double Dates w/ Each Other… & Their New Baes!

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It’s not difficult to find pairs of former celebrity couples that remained friends (or, at least, friendly toward each other). When Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult are in the same room, they don’t run in the other direction; they embrace each other. When Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield are asked about the other, they sing each other’s praises. Yet what we do find to be rare are former celebrity couples that go on double dates.

…but it does happen.

We found six examples of former romantic pairs that went out with each other… as well as their respective significant others. Some may be for the sake of their children, but other times, they simply prove that you can be ‘just friends’ with a past love. A true sign of moving on, don’t you think? Yeah, we do, too.