8 Former Girl Group Members & Boy Banders Whose Solo Albums BOMBED

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Girl groups and boy bands are at the heartbeat of everything we do. Who among us doesn’t remember the first time they listened to a One Direction song, or have a definitive opinion about which Little Mix girl we would want to be our bestie (which we have a quiz about, BTW)? It’s hard to deny that no matter what your musical tastes, you aren’t immune to a little pop group action every now and again. While we love them while they’re together, that doesn’t always remain the case. Sooner or later, every group decides to part ways, usually with a little bit of drama, but, nonetheless, we must say goodbye and are left with only the promises of great solo music to come. But not everyone can be a Justin Timberlake or a Beyoncé.

Some pop group members thrive on their own and take the world by storm with their talent that was hidden behind a group all those years. However, many of the rest of the members are left with albums that didn’t perform so great on the charts and barely saw the light of day. While we wish these artists success if they ever venture to record another album (like Nick Jonas did), there is no denying that their first attempts at solo fame totally bombed: