14 of the Most Forgotten Teen Movies of the 2000s

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Not every teen movie of the 2000s reached Mean Girls levels of fame. In fact, there were tons — and I mean tons — that never really made much of a cultural impact. Or, whatever cultural impact they left was pretty short-lived. Some of them were underrated gems, others… well… they were bad in the 2000s and they’re bad now. But hey, whether they were bad or not, not all of them deserve to be left in the dustbins of film history.

Okay. Some on this list do, but… that’s not the point.

From movies where pop stars tried their hand at acting, to flops that ended up producing some of the biggest stars of our generation, check out these 14 forgotten movies of the 2000s. If you’re overdue for a movie marathon with your friends, this is a list you’ll want to hit up:

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