18 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Starred in Scary Movies

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It was super strange to see John Krasinski shed his funny-guy character from The Office to play Lee Abbott in A Quiet Place. However, this happens a lot more than we may think. Sometimes stars accept roles in horror films as a starting point, while others do it to shake things up. Not to mention, a job is a job and a movie is a movie. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do to bring home the bacon.

When stars create a persona for themselves, it’s hard for us to imagine them as anything else. That being said, it’s also easy for us to forget that many our favorite celebrities dabbled in scary movies at one point in their careers. With fall and spooky vibes just around the corner, we figured there’d be no better way to celebrate than with a list of actors you forgot appeared in a horror flick.