8 Forgotten Music Acts That Only a True ’00s Kid Would Remember

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While we’re all about the girl groups and boy bands of today — oh yeah, Little Mix & One Direction! — we can’t help but reminisce over the forgotten mixed music acts from the mid-’90s/early ’00s; as in co-ed groups. Do any exist now? Eh, not really. To remind you of some of the best, here are eight that only a true child of the ’90s/’00s would remember:

S Club 7 (1998–2002)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “I’ve Never Had a Dream Come True”
Sure, there’s an S Club 3 around somewhere, but it’s not the same.

Scene 23 (2001–2002)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “He Said, She Said”
Eden’s Crush came from Popstars; Scene 23 came from Popstars 2 — the time of great music reality TV shows.

A*Teens (1998–2004)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “Upside Down”
THE ABBA tribute band.

Aqua (1995–2001)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “Barbie Girl”
Still get this song stuck in our heads every time we see the Mattel toy.

Jump5 (1999–2007)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “Spinnin’ Around”

Vengaboys (1997–2004)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom”
I want you in my room // Let’s spend the night together // From now until forever

American Juniors (2003–2005)
Look, it’s little Lucy Hale!

ATC (1998–2003)
MOST KNOWN FOR: “Around the World (La La La La La)”
FUN FACT: ATC stands for A Touch of Class. Who knew?

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