How One Boy Band Member Got Through His Very Public Breakup

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Being in an up-and-coming boyband, starring on TV shows, attending red carpet events and somehow having a social life sounds pretty much impossible, but for the guys of Forever In Your Mind, it’s reality. We sat down with the three cuties and they dished on everything from what it was like to be on set for their new single “Hurricane” to how they deal with tough breakups that happen in the public eye.

Ricky Garcia, Liam Attridge and Emery Kelly became a band in 2013 after Ricky and Emery were contestants on season three of The X-Factor. The 17-year-old auditioned as part of a group, and the 18-year-old was a soloist, but the two were eventually plucked from the pack and put together.

“They then got put into a band and when they needed a guitar player in New York, Emery called me because we’re cousins,” Liam explained. “He said they needed a guitar player so I went out and did it. They asked me if I wanted to take a plane with them to LA so I did and here I am.”


The band continued to gain momentum after Ricky played Naldo Montoya on Disney Channel’s Best Friends Whenever, and they eventually opened up for Demi Lovato and Jesse McCartney. But as success grows, so does scrutiny. Perhps no one knows this better than Emery, who recently went through a tough (and very public) breakup.

“My best advice is to make sure you have people there to support you,” the brunette cutie explained. “I don’t know where I’d be without that. I had a pretty hard breakup last year, and it was alright. I was able to soldier on through it because I had my friends and my bandmates.”

We can assume that the musician was speaking about his split with actress Bailee Madison, which ended up being a bit more dramatic than anyone really expected.

As for the rest of the guys, Ricky is single since splitting with Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak and says that he’ll “go on dates if he ever has free time,” and Liam has been in a serious relationship for two years!



“I’ve had a girlfriend for 2 years and the schedule is hard to work with. It’s just so hard; you just have to see each other to make it work. We also live an hour and a half away from each other so we just call and FaceTime whenever we both find time. But when I’m in LA we see each other as much as possible.”

While all three FIYM guys try their best to do the dating scene like any other teenager, they super busy creating new music, videos, etc. But even though they’re prob very tired, they absolutely LOVE what they do, even when it’s literally painful.

“Basically what was happening [on the set of the “Hurricane” video] is that the wind machines were blowing so hard that we were getting sand in our eyes and up our nose and when you’re shooting the video you have to be smiling, but also not wanting to get sand everywhere,” Liam explained.

“If you watch the behind the scenes video you can actually see that our eyes were red,” Emery added. “In my eyes you could see the dirt under [them]; It was crazy!”

With almost 500 thousand views, it looks like the pain was very well worth it! Check out the vid below!

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