Your Fave Celebs In Creepy Yummy Food Form

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Wouldn’t the Thanksgiving feast be a million times more enjoyable if instead of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, you had yummy treats shaped like your fave celebs? Um yeah, duh. Hence why we’re honoring these sometimes weird, all the time awesome cakes, candies, pancakes and even meats shaped like (or inspired by) Teen.com faves Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, the cast of Glee and tons more. Bon appetite!

In case you’re wondering what exactly that is, that’s, ya know, just Beyonce made entirely out of candy. Licorice, gummies, chocolate — the options are endless, you guys.

The second best thing to having Darren Criss serenade you at your birthday party? Having him stare at you all cutely from your Glee birthday cake. Same diff.

And here we have a mold of meat replicating Justin Bieber‘s face. Cute or creepy? Please feel free to weigh in.

Look! It’s a Justin Bieber pancake! We’ll take ours without syrup, thankyouverymuch.

Ryan Gosling‘s got his own pancake, too. And we bet it’s just as flat as his abs…

Timberlakecake, anyone? That pic of JT is actually hand-painted on. All the more reasons why the idea of eating it kind of creeps us out.

Katy Perry needs to like, come out with her own whipped cream or something, but until that happens, we’ll have to settle for her whipped cream bra from the “California Gurls” video reincarnated into lollipops. JK. Not settling. So awesome! Lick lick.

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