What You Think You Look Like When Flirting Vs. What You Actually Look Like

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If you’ve ever tried to get your flirt on, which we’re sure happens more than you might even realize, you know that the struggle is real. Why is it that flirting looks SO easy in the movies, but IRL it’s one of the toughest things ever?! Are you being too forward? Is this wink cute or awkward? How do you communicate with your eyes? So. Many. Questions!

What you think you look like while flirting compared to what you actually look like while flirting is a HUGE difference. For all the awkward ladies out there, this one’s for you:

What you think you look like:

What you actually look like:

What you think you sound like:

What you actually sound like:

How you think you flip your hair:

How you actually flip your hair:

What you think your hints are like:

What they’re actually like:

How you think you wink:

How you actually wink:

What you think he sees:

What he actually sees:

How you think you wave hello:

How you actually wave:

What you think you’ll say:

What you actually say:

How you think you walk:

How you actually walk:

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